DISTRICT, the entertaining new mini-magazine has an editorial focus on life in Downtown West Palm Beach. Sometimes we color outside the lines, and scoop in stories on the outskirts that we just can’t resist. Launched in both print and digital editions, it’s now exclusively online, hurtling into your inbox 10 times a year with entertaining features and fabulous finds about the people, places and things that make the city center so compelling.

Cities, downtowns and special taxing districts that want to promote their destinations can have a DISTRICT of their own, just like the ultra-popular West Palm Beach edition.

Published monthly, except for July and August, by Donkey Tales Media Co., the mini-mags are owned and edited by Carey O’Donnell, Creative Director of O’Donnell Agency, one of Florida’s best-known advertising, PR and digital media firms. Bold in both content, editorial ‘voice’ and design, DISTRICT offers insider color commentary about life in Downtown West Palm Beach. Urban and urbane, it’s a wordsmith’s delight with columns such as The Food Bro; Asking for a Friend; Confirm or Deny; Here and There, our real estate comparison of local markets; Concrete Ideas, an overview of new construction; Three Impertinent Questions that profile the high profile; The Watch List; Snap Judgement; You’re Doing It Wrong, and our monthly fashion column, featuring man-on-the-street photos, called Worn Out.

Thousands of Palm Beach County residents subscribe to DISTRICT – we are closing in on 5,000 eyeballs each month!

Subscription is free, and essential to continue to receive the publication. The publishing team is currently in talks with other South Florida downtowns to introduce additional regionalized editions.

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