Listening in on an Uber-conversation.


Back(seat) chat with a downtown uber driver


Downtown video maestro Gregory Dillard, who is known to make a scene or two at the O’Donnell Agency office on Banyan where he parks his talent, rolled in nice and smooth to Hard Rock Stadium last month for Rolling Loud, the world’s largest hip-hop music festival.


Voltaire’s Novel Experience: I walk through the unmarked door, slip the woman at the foot of the staircase a fast fin, and head upstairs. The mid-sized room is deeply inviting. To my left, plush sofas and chairs are arranged near windows overlooking Clematis, framed by heavy blue curtains. To the right are comfortable lounge areas that give way to cafe tables in front of a stage. And in front of me, oddly, is an amazing sushi bar. This is not your average music venue. This is Voltaire.

Mac Lethal


I love pancakes. Not as much as Mac Lethal, to be sure, who paid delicious homage to them by speed-rapping about pancakes — while making pancakes. He’s also rap-raced a bag of microwave popcorn (he won) and exhaled an amazing 77-second rap without taking a breath. YouTube him. You’ll move fast to get tickets for his May 5 gig at Respectables in the 500 block of Clematis.

Derek Jeter


The Ides of March on the Roman calendar was a time of religious observances. Yep, same thing centuries later on March 15, 2018. West Palm Beach Miami Marlins CEO and Yankees legend, Derek Jeter, dazzled a top-tier group of about 80 trustees hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, and for many it was, indeed, a religious experience.