Uyen Dang


Vision for WPB

We are fast preparing the city’s infrastructure to support technological and behavioral advances in how we move and connect. New technology is going to change the daily experience in very exciting ways, and we’re all over it. I look forward to instagrammable streets!


Most admired icon

Diane Von Furstenberg, for many reasons. But that wrap dress? It’s the ultimate in efficient clothing. Easy to dress up or down, and goes from day to night beautifully. I love fashion. I flunked out as an art history major and became an engineer.


Source of unbridled joy

My husband, Khang, and 5-year-old son, Parker. I dress the little guy in a bow tie every morning, wiring him each day in so many ways to develop into a perfect little gentleman.




Biggest professional influence

Janette Sadik Khan, Commissioner of NYC’s Dept. of Transportation and author of Street Fight. She introduced the now-famous Times Square pedestrian plaza. Streets are our biggest city asset, hidden in plain sight.


Unexpected hobby

I garden. To extremes, I admit. My husband finally had to shut it down, because it was getting out of hand. I can obsess over my urns of delicate tomatoes for months. And don’t get me started on my fruit trees. Nature is amazing.


Dangerous obsession

Um, shoes? At one point, I had enough to go for three months and never repeat. From Jimmy Choo to Vans and Adidas Yeezy, I admit it’s a real problem.


Personal balance

Yin yoga, at both Fitness Hub in the 300 block and at the Mandel Public Library. I’m being good by adding my foodie-ness second to yoga. Life is too short to eat the same thing every day. I never miss Pairings in May and the SOBE Wine & Food Festival!

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