Midici Pizza


Hidden in plain sight, right next door to the always rockin’ Rocco’s Tacos in the 200 block of Clematis is the newly-opened MidiCi, another pizza place downtown — that is anything but another pizza place.  The European bistro-style ambiance is warm, welcoming, and comfortable. I’ll even admit to noticing “artistic lighting,” and not just because it made me look extra handsome.  The food is so notably Italian that I found myself ordering in an accent that close enough to a part in Godfather Part II.

This is the sixth Florida location for the deliciously quirky franchise with its claim for serving the best Neapolitan-style pizza – made to order – and they’re serious about only the best ingredients. Those pies bake to perfection in just 90 seconds. Not kidding.  I checked out the oven up close, and it’s the coolest ultra-hot, 900-degree wood-fired oven I’ve ever seen, hand-crafted in Sicily.

The genial Pedro El Khaouli is the local maestro behind this masterpiece. Fresh, natural ingredients and non-GMO dough prepared in-house daily is at the heart of his pizza specialties, but the menu doesn’t stop there.  Appetizers are terrific, including a meatball with marinara dish had me levitating with my eyes closed as I savored the taste. Also eye-openingly tasty were artisan burratas, superb salads, desserts, some good local beers, and for all you boozers, wine and cocktails.

They call this “fast-fine” dining, which seems to work. And the price is right. Pizzas starting at $8.95. Delizioso!  www.myMidiCi.com

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