Renda Writer

“Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”
– Napoleon Hill, mid-century self-help guru

His handwriting’s been remarkably cool since middle school, but we’re betting the guy has attracted more than his share of attention since his own personal Chapter One.

Renda Writer, writ large, is the talented creator of striking art installations around the world that are beautifully crafted, handwritten messages about love, life, longevity and world peace.  Now featured on the dasher boards of The Thoroughfare construction site at 314 Clematis (until the windows are ready to be installed in the new retail hub), Renda’s meticulous, repeat- pattern, full-of-personality message of love in bright red catches the eye of every passerby.

“When you write something down, it becomes real. When you repeat words or phrases, they magnify, amplify and take on an energy that radiates powerful messages. Repetition is the sacred math of the universe. It’s God’s math, like fractals reveal the patterns in nature over and over again. It’s the ultimate shape and form of beauty,” he says.

The Long Island-born artist grew up in Coral Springs and moved back to NYC to work in the record business in 2000, right around the time that the music industry was having its first meltdown over the emergence of Napster and other free downloading platforms. He also hawked comedy club tickets on the sidewalks of New York, interacting with hundreds of people a day. Engaging with passing pedestrians “… opened my mind to a fascination with the human condition, and created a heightened awareness within myself of how I could really reach people in a meaningful way.”

He wrote poetry between the high-volume pedestrian traffic ‘patterns,’ and spent his evenings testing his work at Open Mic Nights.

“It was all part of the life pattern that led me    to become a full-time artist in 2013. The cool handwriting, mathematical imagination and an eye for aesthetics merged with my poetry, and ultimately aligned into the happy, unmistakable signature that is now Renda Writer.”

Famous for lines such as “Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You” and “Feel Free to Feel Free” (he sells both on T-shirts. Visit his website!), his deep-seated passion is to expand the reach of his World Peace Mural Tour. Fresh from creating artwork in London and Rimini, Italy last month, Renda is now ready for his next project this month: the creation of a World Peace mural on World Peace Day — Sept. 21st — for the annual “Paint Memphis” event. “People have asked me about artists who use shock value as part of their brand. I was actually electrocuted in Dallas once when I touched a high voltage line and was thrown off my ladder 20 feet to the ground. But beyond that, no shock value! I don’t need it. My patterns and poetry tell such a powerful story that it transcends the shock value gimmick. I spread love and peace. Powerfully.”

Renda earned national headlines last winter through his artwork painted on the border wall in Tijuana, while President Trump strolled the other side, looking at prototypes displayed just feet away. His message of World Peace played well with the press coverage, countering the subtext of borders and isolationism.

Peace out.


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